Minibus Insurance


  • Any Driver Policies Available
  • European Use
  • Up to five vehicles on one policy
  • NCB rated
  • Introductory Bonus available

Minibus Insurance - Keeping you mobile

We have a minibus product available for charities, taxi drivers, sports clubs ….

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Minibus Insurance

We have a minibus product which can accommodate vehicle form 9 to 16 Seats for a variety of uses including:

  • Private Hire
  • Carriage of non-fare paying Passengers, such as Sports Clubs, Charities, Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Churches, Scouts
  • Section 19 use
  • Section 22 Use
  • Contract Hire
  • Employee Transportation
  • Business use including childminders, Amateur musicians and Bands
  • SDP & SDP and commuting use

With Named diving options and any driver options we have a policy and a premium to suit you.


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