Todd Insurance works with some of the biggest names in the insurance industry to provide all of our customers with great value Van insurance quotes. We work with Liverpool Victoria, Allianz, Zurich, Aviva and Ageas just to name a few. We have enhanced discounts with most Insurers so we can select the best policy that suits your needs. We can cater for a wide variety of risks - whether you have maybe had a driving conviction or have different requirements for your business. We negotiate the best policy on your behalf. Please see our FAQ section for common questions.

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When you give us a call to get a quote it is useful to have a few things handy to help you through the process so we can get you the best price possible:
Your car details including:
your registration,
We will also need your annual mileage and the current market value of the vehicle.
Your details and any details of persons you want to drive.
The address where the vehicle is to be kept
When you want the policy to start
Any No Claims Discount you my have as well as details of any claims or convictions you may have in the last five years.
If in any doubt ask our agents who will be more than happy to help.
Insurance providers provide customers with policies and premiums based on certain criteria such as postcode. If there are changes to some of this criteria, then it is really important to inform us right away as neglecting to inform your insurer could lead to problems if you need to make a claim and it could potentially invalidate your insurance altogether. This is called a Mid-Term Adjustment and whilst some changes may have no effect, others may affect your premium. It is important to tell us asap when you: Move to a new house Change your name Need to add an additional driver Your work address changes, or you switch occupation Change where you park at night Your annual mileage changes Modify your vehicle Receive a conviction Sometimes it will mean that you need to be moved to another insurance provider but as your broker, we can assess the market and find a suitable alternative rather than being locked into a policy unfit for your needs.